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Misty Copeland by Unknown artist Regret /r ɪˈɡ r ɛ t/ Definition ; feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that one has done or failed to do). Why does this word of an action drill such deep guilt in our minds. No matter how much we learn to live with it, why does the anxiety of the event live in our minds rent free.  We all have regrets. No matter how perfect you may believe your life is, sometimes    memories aka over exaggerated flash backs caused mostly by overthinking, lead us to believe that feeling of I shouldda, wouldda or couldda done things a lot differently. Ok maybe we could, but we didnt! So lets move along.  Shout out to Beverley Knight for that banger  🙌🏾 We usually have regrets of things we wished we did better. Decisions we wished we took with more thought and advice. We look back and think how different our lives could be if maybe we took a different route but thats not how life works. Unfortunately we cant edit out the stuff we aren't proud of like