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Black is Beautiful!

'Black is Beautiful' 

So I am back with an unapologetic post and nothing that I am about to say is up for debate. I've really struggled in the last few weeks to be inspired to write about something that really touches my heart and that I feel needs to be heard but today it came to me. 

On Monday 11th May 2020, I was racially abused for the first time in my 28 years of existence. Shocking? A little. Surprised? Not really. It's 2020 anything goes.

Both my boyfriend and I were exercising (literally, no pun intended) our human right to cycle free within the guidelines of the government during this restrictive time of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Let me paint the picture for you..

So we were cycling through a known area to us, on to traffic. So we were on the pavement on the right hand side and the cars were driving up the left. We were coming down the hill where it happened not fast but quite quick and then all of a sudden I heard a deep male voice shout N*gger. Although the shout was in passing, you would think we couldn't make out the word but they weren't going fast enough to not hear it. I hope this is clear to understand. Anyway, so now I am going down a HILL 😳 I was making sure I didn't crash or skid down the hill.
To be honest it took until I got home to actually confirm with my other half if he heard the word as I did, considering he was a few meters in front of me. He confirmed it without hesitation.

Cowards! Like do you feel better? Did you have a good laugh?


Just WOW!

Like what was the need?

At least let me tell you about your mother or something before driving off and I can assure you that if I was at the Tour de France Fitness, that the good Lord withheld me from, I would have probably got the chance to tell him that and that the joke is on him because according to Ancestry DNA i'm actually 1% Swedish. Sips tea!
I actually cant believe that for the first time ever someone was brave enough to say that to me, well the word brave is questionable. The cheek of it!

I am so proud of my skin colour and the DEEP heritage that it holds and I will NEVER apologise or feel any type of way for it. 

When I deep it, I was "lucky" enough to continue riding on without dying for the colour of my skin like my African American/ Black brothers and sisters around the world.
It literally breaks my heart to see how we are and have been treated. To be on a daily run and to be gunned down by two people who I personally believe are so disconnected with society and education that they feel threatened enough to take your life.
To put this in a UK perspective to be pulled over rightly or not and to be tasered in front of your baby. Like what the actual hell. That video literally sends shivers down my spine every time I painfully watch it. Now if we deep it a little bit more picture the affect that, that 20 minutes will have on his child's life and how will that one incident impact his whole perspective of the so-called enforcers of law, who are supposedly there for guidance and protection.

What is that all about?
How is this ok?
How can things like this not be taken seriously?

These people we hear about could be my Nephew, Brother, Cousin or Uncle. Oh and I know it  hasn't affected me personally doesn't mean I cant feel it.

My heart aches, as a people, regardless of colour, class or community we need to make a stand on this. As my friend or as a friend or acquaintance of anyone that looks like me take the time to make the stand with us and for us. Do this for the other beautiful minorities too! We are not a threat because of our colour. At least judge us by our actions and hearts.

I Pray...

(Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the above image and this image titled ‘black is beautiful’ was taken from the website


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