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Carolivia Herron - I Love My Hair  A dedication to my Mum.  I know I say it everyday, but mum I love you and no matter how much I say it, I will always love you more than that.  As of late, I have become more reflective and grateful of the time my mum and I are spending together. I’ve found that our bond gets stronger everytime tragedy or adversity comes to us in life. I will always remember my final year at university. Having the death of your mother, my nan, to contend with aswell my year final submissions of subject assignments and dissertations. You never left my side. You came with me to my Uni tutorials and personal advisor one to ones. Coming to think of it I some how I smuggled you onto campus and you patiently waited and encourgaged me to carry on through the stress of it all. Looking back I dont remember asking how you were. Knowing you, it was probably because you are and were evidently selfless and you thought more about me rather than yourself during t

Black is Beautiful!

' Black is Beautiful'   So I am back with an unapologetic post and nothing that I am about to say is up for debate. I've really struggled in the last few weeks to be inspired to write about something that really touches my heart and that I feel needs to be heard but today it came to me.  On Monday 11th May 2020, I was racially abused for the first time in my 28 years of existence. Shocking? A little. Surprised? Not really. It's 2020 anything goes. Both my boyfriend and I were exercising (literally, no pun intended) our human right to cycle free within the guidelines of the government during this restrictive time of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Let me paint the picture for you.. So we were cycling through a known area to us, on to traffic. So we were on the pavement on the right hand side and the cars were driving up the left. We were coming down the hill where it happened not fast but quite quick and then all of a sudden I heard a deep male voice