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Inspired by Kizzy....

Hey guys! 

You were probably wondering where the heck i've been and I hope you didn't miss me to much! No I didn't have the Corona lol. 
Nor was I AJing someone for toilet roll. Life just got a hold of me but here we are and i'm so excited. 

For me it is important for me to create a space for people, especially young women, to be able to come to, read, learn, inspire and empower others. This blog allows me to expose many inspiring characters and stories, that I believe will enable those amongst us and after us to achieve great things. 

This weeks blog is well over due. Its quite embarrassing how over due it is but here we are. Lets not dwell on the past.

Like the women in my Woman to Woman series, I have again been truly inspired by this lady on so many levels. The story/stories she shared with me in her philanthropy and self development has truly given me food for thought and drive to keep going and take the jump on what I have hidden away from. 

I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a long lost cousin. LOL. This actually makes me laugh because I asked Kizzy to describe how we met and found out we were direct blood relatives. I can always remember Kizzy saying to me, in the Business studies class we shared at Josiah Mason College or Birmingham Met as its called now, 'I know you from some where but I just cant put my finger on it'. I'm not going to lie, I remember being like 'Bruh this girl doesn't know me, Im not about like that'. Fast forward to my nan's funeral a few years later and Kizzy walks in😳. Obviously, I got up and walked over to Kizz and asked what you doing here? Which she replied 'this is my dads family'. All I could hear was my Aunties and uncles like 'Yuh see why uhnuh mus live good'. It's mad. We sat together, laughed together with each other and at people lol and we didn't even know we were related. Mad! Things like this happen to Kizzy all the time as she tells me 'Its a small world' and people used to always say that we looked alike...Well ain't that the truth!!!

So now Lets Set The Scene...

The Gambia, West Africa. Thursday 20th February 2020, 8am,  19oC

So for this blog I sent a few invasive questions over to Kizz via whats app and I asked her to Voice note her answers back to me being as she was in the Gambia, West Africa. Kizzy was walking along the beach at the time and she mentioned that this was one of her happiest moments...

Speaking to Kizzy after this trip solidified all of my reservations on her as a friend and also now a cousin. She is what she says on the tin. This trip for me opened her eyes to the world and mine. Not only has she come back and told us all how good it was but she's thinking about the next moves she is going to make to help the country and herself non-selfishly to be clear. She just doesn't stop! Hopefully we can talk about these moves in another blog or podcast 😉. 

One thing I would like to show you all on this is the Village which was discovered 30 years ago. This village was hidden for thousands of years before then and the people of this tribe lived and survived off the vegetation of that land, hence why they were able to stay low key for so long. Kizzy's Dad was fortunate enough to set up a charity The Gambia Mission and build some housekeeping essentials for the village which you will see in the video.
I have become so obsessed with my Ancestry DNA results which showed I am of West African descent, mainly made up of Nigerian heritage. Here's a small video that I asked Kizz to send to me to show you what she got up to. 

Kizzy is 28 years old and a Intensive Care Nurse. She is highly driven, outgoing and adventurous and has taken a keen interest in travel in the past few years. Get Those Stamps GIRLL! Kizzy sets goals and achieves them! She exudes the go getter mentality and has the T-shirts to show for it. 

As we know theres no success without a little bit of disappointment which we have all faced. I asked Kizzy how she deals with the disappointment which like me she doesn't dwell too much on. The bigger picture is so much more important. As an intensive care nurse she sees how fragile life is and that is what she looks at before getting annoyed or frustrated when something doesn't go as planned. Looking after people who are fighting for their lives or watching their families fade away shows you how short life is and you've got to live it to the fullest. Theres no time to have bad feelings with anyone. 

Following on from this I went deeper 😏. I asked Kizzy how she got over the obstacles she faced. Maturely she mentioned that the doesn't stop! She is a power house! Spending time on the negatives loses you time when you could just think of another route and try another way. The way life is set up, it is an obstacle course you just have to get through it. It's all about mindset and we don't know how powerful the brain is. We are stronger than we think and the brain is not given enough credit. If you can find your own inner peace and self security you will find that the sky is the limit and you can do what ever you want to do! Nothing is easy or will be handed to you on a plate, especially from our backgrounds. You just have to work hard and write down your goals and know your worth!

I continued and threw a statement at Kizzy. 'You are a silent force!'

If you scan through Kizzy's social media you will instantly notice that she's very lowkey and doesn't post too often and it really got me questioning why she didn't brag or express her success. Her humility was profound. Kizz referred to instagram as fleeting and somewhat superficial in the way that it isn't always a true representation of peoples lives. She rarely uses it and when she does she prefers to use it to promote her brothers More Life Brunch Events. (If you know you know ;) Check out the page and events @morelifeentertainment).

Even when doing the interview with her she really didn't give herself enough accolades for her achievements. When questioned about this Kizzy told me very securely that she has never been the type of person to be centre of attention. People will know of her but not really who she is. The quote 'They no my name and not my story' sprung to my mind because it is a true representation of who Kizzy is to the outside world. 
It's funny because I could feel her anxiety of exposing herself when we spoke about doing this but the determined her just went with it. Kizzy spoke highly of the Village that raised her and the way they are so open armed with any friends that enter her home. She tells me that friends can easily become family within moments of being around her family who are so friendly and humble themselves. We all know apples don't fall far from the tree.

Kizzy has recently became a home owner which I am so proud of her for! As we all know the home owning process is scary and long and I know this is something we all need to get the inside info on, we may need a separate blog for this one. 
Owning a home was one of Kizzy's biggest goals especially after binge watching Homes under the Hammer as a child. 
Kizzy finished her degree and secured her job so it was only right that this was the next goal for her to achieve. Kizzy was fortunate enough to be selected out of 3,000 people for the Voluntary right to buy, which was a pilot to buy your own home. She believed she would be blessed with the opportunity before she applied she knew and believes that if you do good, good will come onto you. Kizzy knew the process would be long but admittedly stated that it would be worth it. Patience was tested massively but we got there. the realisation of owing our own was prevalent. Let's stop giving our money to people and paying their bills, we need to have our own, we haven't been educated properly! Kizzy firmly stated and I shout HERE HERE!

Kizzy! I commend you for what you teach other young girls like us. Being a positive role model and showing the We Can Too attitude that we need to make a conscious effort to promote more. Thank you for diving into the deep end with me and doing so with grace and intelligence. Keep doing what you are doing and I cant wait to see what 2020 brings to you. 
Plus I cant wait for our trip to Gambia!


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