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Inspired by Kizzy....

@thelifeofkizzxo Hey guys!  You were probably wondering where the heck i've been and I hope you didn't miss me to much! No I didn't have the Corona lol.  Nor was I AJing someone for toilet roll. Life just got a hold of me but here we are and i'm so excited.  For me it is important for me to create a space for people, especially young women, to be able to come to, read, learn, inspire and empower others. This blog allows me to expose many inspiring characters and stories, that I believe will enable those amongst us and after us to achieve great things.  This weeks blog is well over due. Its quite embarrassing how over due it is but here we are. Lets not dwell on the past. Like the women in my Woman to Woman series, I have again been truly inspired by this lady on so many levels. The story/stories she shared with me in her philanthropy and self development has truly given me food for thought and drive to keep going and take the jump on what I hav