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Make Peace...

Forgiveness What is forgiveness?  I’m not the type to forgive and forget. Its just not in my nature. I hold grudges deeply and see any wrong doings as a personal attack. So when it occurs I get myself ready for war and usually I wont even argue. Thats not me. I will just ignore your entire existence. Lol.  Sometimes I sit and think how different things are. The past year honestly changed me as a person for the better. I matured massively. Holding judgement and anger in your heart really does nothing but block your blessings.  I posted recently on my instagram story ‘ God works in mysterious ways ’. Im forever shown how true this statement is. Just when I think I’ve got everything under control something happens and I am in a vulnerable position where he tests my character. In my past blog I mentioned how I wasn’t out spoken which I truly am not. But self evaluation occurred and i realise how stubborn I actually am, unnecessarily.  In most instance


Do you know when I said 2020 will be the year I would achieve big things? Well its happening. It’s the 20th February 2020 (20.02.20) 22:22 (my angel numbers at the moment by the way, i’ll explain later) and I am totally Overwhelmed. In the good sense of the word.  Today, my managers informed me that they were nominating me for the hospitality’s 30 under 30s. It’s an award which recognises managers under 30 for their hard work and dedication to the sector.  I don’t know if I mentioned before but I began my hospitality journey in the Richardson Suite at WBA I actually hated it there because of the manager. Then I moved to the boxes and absolutely loved it. The crazy thing is, my Grandad supported WBA, he said he got off the plane from Jamaica into the Hawthorns.  I’ll explain later lol . My bae played for them at the time but at reserve level I believe. For it to then be the birthplace of my whole career and I didn’t even know it, is wild to me.  So today, being an Operati

Oh Baby!

‘ When are you having a baby?’ ‘What are you waiting for? You’re not getting any younger’  ‘You know you are marrying a Naija boy right. You need to start the family now’  Yes these are a few of the questions I’ve been asked about my family planning decisions and they have led me to one my biggest insecurities yet.  I ask myself these same questions guys! But u asking them really isnt helping lol.  Ok the use of the LOL isnt necessary because I’m probably not laughing and most likely do not want to laugh at this statement but to have the sadness emotion.  So here I am.  Time to open up...some more... So like yourselves, as in those concerned with my production line, I want to get to the bottom of those questions too.  So as you may or may not be aware I have been in my relationship, with honestly the man of my dreams, for 10 years - He is amazing. Those closest to me know I’m smiling from ear to ear writing this. Cheesy I know, but its sincere.


‘Words can be sharper than a knife’ - Unknown  I like to think that i’m very patient and rarely outspoken. Which I also believe are a few of my admirable traits ;). I never used to be like that and I would jump the gun at things that should have been handled with a little more thought. Plus the way my karma is set up, it comes straight back on me. Probably because it’s not in my character to be a dickhead lol. * Side note this blog made Alesha Dixon’s - Breathe Slow stick in my head all day because of the way she sings the word composure in it *.  Anyway... Lately the way I try to think now is a little deeper. I try to think about the reaction of what my haste could cause. 9 times out of 10 when I try to think quickly I end up saying things I regret. Now I know that if I think things I tend not to regret because I have taken myself outside the picture and looked at situations objectively rather than subjectively.  People will rattle your feathers. Trust me. I belie

Three Little Words...

Flowers bloom when they have everything they need... Don’t Force It! Three very important words. More important than the infamous ILY words. Ha! Yeah you thought this was those words didnt you. Nah. Not this blog ;) So why a blog about these words. Ive realised that good things truly come to those who wait. I’ve realised that as time goes by i’m not as patient as I use to be. Sometimes its good and at others its like sh!t Chess your impatience is going to get you into shit. Like for example; For the drivers out there, have you ever driven fast or cut someone up for no reason and then there you both are at the same traffic lights together. Lol. It’s just unnecessary you’ve not gained anything for that dumb decision. Yh this is the dumbness I do. Sometimes! Like chill.  In 2020 I need to have faith in Gods timing. Wow. Thinking about it actually makes me cringe. Sorry this is my anxiety kicking in. Why have I lost that patience. Oh wait I know. The fact that 30 is cree