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Woman to Woman with...Diandra!!!

Wow 2020 begins with another interview for my Woman to Woman series. I hoped to have posted this blog weeks ago but time got me. 

So myself and Diandra, as pictured above, have been friends for almost 9/10 years and we have laughed, cried and done both at each other. One thing we haven’t done is argue. Wait. I lied. We argued over the picture I’d use for this blog. Ok. She won this time but I let her lol. The level of respect and admiration we have for each other is just so refreshing especially in a friendship. 

When I first thought about doing this series I instantly knew who I wanted to interview first and Diandra was one of them. She has a pure and loving heart which I hope comes through this interview.

Anyway read and enjoy...

So Didi Tell us about yourself...

So here we are, she giggles, I actually wrote everything down. So well Everyone calls me didi but my actual name is Diandra. Someone told me that I live in a Pink world trying to sort out as much as I can but obviously trying to be a superwoman can become stressful. One word that really describes me well is EMPATHETIC. I apply this word to every single aspect of my life. An empathetic person is the best thing you can have and be. Another word is FRIEND. I feel like i am a really good friend to my friends and lastly I would say lately the thing I have developed to love the most about myself is my desire to travel. What is better than discovering new flavours and characters like you Paca. Just to fill you all in Paca is the Spanish translation for Fran, she's called me this since the day we met me and its grown on me. 

Di tell the readers more, are you married/in a relationship and what do you do for a living

Oooh here is the question haha, what the hell! what the f*ck LOL! DEAD LOL. So what am I doing with myself. So a few years after finishing my studies, I realised that I like Events in hotels and I am an Events Co-Ordinator in a Luxurious 5* Hotel in Spain. Which is not easy as you know. But its incredible when a guest tells you that everything you have done has made their experience amazing. At the moment I am SINGLE!

You recently went through a break up, what did it teach you about yourself?

I recently went through the worst experience of a break up in my life. I realised that people aren't always who they say they are and are not the people they look like. (So by this Di means that people aren't they seem) Wow this is a lot coming from you Di. I'm really proud of how strong I am and what I have been able to do alone. Ive done things that I didn't think or imagine that I could do alone. Its been a year and I have been able to do things with the help of people around me who care about me. There were things that made me feel strong and now I know I could have done more things that I doubted I could do before. I realised I was so dependent on a person and I always tried to make him feel and be the best person he could and I forgot about myself and the most important thing is to Love myself. This was a big lesson for me. I learnt that I have to Love myself first and then I can be loved. I am actually enjoying every single breath that I am taking and i'm grateful for the sunrises and sunsets. Its even been pointed out to me. I didn't notice it until then and I looked at myself and I thought wow I actually am quite happy.

I have to ask this question on the back of that Di, what is your biggest insecurity?

Well, I think its more of a fear rather than an insecurity. I work really hard to get what I want so I fear not being able to achieve that especially something that I am really looking forward to. You know what Di, this fear actually gives me anxiety and I can relate to this. 

What has been the best advice you have ever been given?

She started crying at the beginning of this question :(

I have a really good friend in Mexico that every single day she sends me pictures with positive messages. It means 'The love of your life, is also you, look after yourself'. I feel like this summaries everything you have learnt about yourself during your break up. You have begun to take care of Didi and explore and just become you. It was hard for me to watch you go through it especially with you so far away but the change in you from then and now is best described as beautiful and in some ways humbling. I would encourage everyone to live by this statement. It means so much and it can really change your perspective as a human being. From this you become the best version of you for yourself and others. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years and what has life taught you so far?

Hopefully running my own Events department and hopefully it is closer than I think. I'm going to continue to enjoy and live in every single moment and look after those who look after me. I'm going to continue to Love me! Aww such a sweet answer Didi.
I've realised that life is difficult and it is a learning process and at every moment and experience  teaches you how to do the right thing. I think every single person through the years have given me their own seeds of knowledge which you can always learn from. Life has shown me that its really clever at letting you fall down but teaching you how to get up even stronger and become a better person. Lastly, the most important thing is the beauty in life. I've realised that we cant complain about anything. We have Family, Friends, Jobs, A roof over our heads and Health which is the most important thing. Every morning you should be thankful for being alive and appreciate every laugh, every hug and just everything.

THANK YOU DIDI this was an emotional one on the back of a breakup. I know it wasn't easy and the recordings prove it!
Didi is one strong Latina and I know that she WILL accomplish her 10 year goals without fear!

Each girl really gives me a boost of hope from their story. Hope for their success and happiness. 

So next week we have Sherelle AKA Tina Turn UP AYYYYY, She brings us a whole new perspective on life and you will grow to Love her as do I. 


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