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Woman to Woman with... Franchesska

What the actual hell?
Am I really doing this?

So after many more questions than that, after a discussion with my lovely Sharon, we thought it wouldn't be right if we ended the who Woman to Woman blog series without turning the tables a little bit. I didn't realise how scary this actually was to be honest. I thought asking a few girls a couple of questions would be easy. Then I took to those same questions myself. 
Those close to me will be like Fran this is easy for you, you love talking. But no. This is talking on a whole other level. I'm not just talking i'm letting you all in. I made a little splash in my Sacrifice blog which was huge. But it's only right that I maybe jump into a few more puddles. No diving yet guys, a little bit at a time. ;)

So let's get into it....

About Me...
I'm 28 years old. The other day I figured that i'd be 30 next year and honestly I almost lost my Sh!t. How? Someone tell me what whirlwind i've been stuck in please. I'm mentally 16 believe me LOL. I work in hospitality and I absolutely love it, although I studied and graduated with Honours in Law. Fun Fact: I didnt want to be a Lawyer, I wanted to be an Immigration Officer and carry out raids but the way the civil service is set up, my ass could not get in. I've been in a relationship for 10 years. He's my best friend. I have no children, yet (smug face) and lastly you will probably hear my laugh before you see me. 

What gives me happiness?
I am happy 99.9% of the time. It really takes a lot to really piss me off. I get happiness from choosing to be happy and I think from a kid i've always chosen happy. I have the best family and friends around me and i'm truly grateful for each and everyone of them. 
In terms of other forms of physical happiness i'd say food. I know TITA and TERRI is reading this rolling her eyes saying 'Bruh you don't eat'. I do. Its just that in the last year and a half I became obsessed with the Keto Diet. It taught me a lot about my body and mind and how it processes food. So i've learnt that the relationship i have with food is really love and hate. I love it and the bad food loves me but my body hates bad food. I hope you can make sense out of that as I have in my head. 
I love my job. Ok wait let me rephrase this. I love where I work and the people I work with. We get some guests that are absolute ... Testers. I was going to use another word ;) and others that honestly are lovely. 
Lastly, seeing my mum so proud of what my brother and I have accomplished really makes me happy. She is the cutest even though I do her head in. LOL. 

How do I deal with disappointment?
I just try to be realistic and take each day or 'disappointment' as it comes. People let you down, things go wrong, life happens. You can't dwell on it. Of course I have been in positions where someone has shown their face and i've been hurt beyond belief but life goes on. You just have to think that everyone is different and has their own shit going on, so I just have to love and let go. To be honest this has been one of my biggest life lessons. It was hard for me to understand that what I would do for someone they may not do for me and thats ok. I had to learn to let people do them. As long as it doesn't leave me broke or homeless i'm good.

What has been my biggest obstacle?
Who came up with this question? LOL. 
My biggest obstacle was opening up when I was going through it. I'd like to say i'm a proud person and wouldn't ever ask for help or even advice. The only person i'd ever ask for help from is my mum or Tita and that would be at the very end of life. I don't actually know why, but I think I stupidly wanted to paint a picture of my life being the calm duck over the water when really underneath I was paddling like crazy. I just didn't or don't ever want to ever burden anyone with what ive got going on. Probably because i'm the happy one. (This is a hard ass question) Thankfully, I went through things and i'm thankful because i'm such a better person now because of opening up and showing what was under the water. 
Ok I have two obstacles *covers face*. The second is probably my weight. Like i've always been pretty confident in myself but my weight is something i've just always fluctuated with. I mentioned before i became obsessed with Keto a year or so ago and even my aunty would be like Fran your loosing to much now. In a weird way i'd be happy for that comment. Is this normal? I'm not sure. I'd be happy because I was finally "skinny". I felt so good about myself. Im not as strict with it now and allow myself to have a cheat every now and then. Keto literally taught me about my body and what it needed to run. I was able to eat things for my body to sustain rather than to eat because something looked good, smelt good or because everyone else was eating so why not. I learnt what my body actually needed. And no, it wasn't all rabbit food. I legit get the same buzz from eating a burger I just decided to switch the buns for lettuce. Its the same (I'm convincing myself here, just carry on reading). 

What is the best advice i've ever been given?
I am a listener. I listen to everyone and everything. As you can see from the blog series I learn so much from sitting and talking to people. It's probably why I work in the industry i'm in. 
Leading up to doing this blog I was so nervous so I spoke to Sharon (My Manager who also did a blog check it out). She just put everything into perspective and said I just need to do this for me. Not for anyone else. I need to not focus on the views, readers, exposure I just need to worry about me and the venture i'm about to take on. Ever since this conversation i've never worried about this blog because of that. As long as i'm happy with what i'm putting out, and its true to me and the people involved, i'll move, as the saying goes. 
Secondly, the best advice I absolutely love was about my relationship. Just not listening to anyone when it comes to my relationships and speaking through what ever we have together or with non-biased binaries. People will put their two cents in and try to tell you that what you let happen is this or that but no one knows your relationship or your partner but you. I have been blessed beyond belief with my BF and he does my head in, but I would never let anyone get in my head, unless they have receipts. Stay Woke girls LOL. But I know the man he is and until he shows me otherwise I will shut my bedroom door with me and him inside and no one else. *I hope this doesn't come and bite me in the ass lol*.

Where will I be in 10 Years?
I am all for speaking dreams into existence and in the next two years I WILL BE MARRIED! Its time. IT IS TIME! This is in my dream book for sure. I will hopefully have started my little family which will have beautiful, healthy and kind children in it. I will be making moves in my industry hopefully GM level experience and also involved in UK Central Office in some way. I will be still writing my blogs or even a section for EBONY, VOGUE or COSMO. 

Ahhh that wasn't so bad. I hope I gave you enough to keep reading and not just scrolling for juice LOL. 

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for the next blogs.... 



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