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Image by Arthit (Gank) Pansuay  She is who she is  She is comfortable with who she is  She can stand out and be counted She can believe in herself and achieve great things She is smart She is sexy She is Beauty She is sensitive She is human.  SHE IS HUMAN.   She understands her feelings  She can love She can lose She is bigger than her worries She can smile and laugh when she probably couldn't or shouldn't  She is brave She is honest to herself and others  She is a friend She is a sister  She is me She is you  By

Woman to Woman with... Franchesska

What the actual hell? Am I really doing this? So after many more questions than that, after a discussion with my lovely Sharon, we thought it wouldn't be right if we ended the who Woman to Woman blog series without turning the tables a little bit. I didn't realise how scary this actually was to be honest. I thought asking a few girls a couple of questions would be easy. Then I took to those same questions myself.  Those close to me will be like Fran this is easy for you, you love talking. But no. This is talking on a whole other level. I'm not just talking i'm letting you all in. I made a little splash in my Sacrifice blog which was huge. But it's only right that I maybe jump into a few more puddles. No diving yet guys, a little bit at a time. ;) So let's get into it.... About Me... I'm 28 years old. The other day I figured that i'd be 30 next year and honestly I almost lost my Sh!t. How? Someone tell me what whirlwind i've

Woman to Woman with... Sherelle

ms_snk Really I should rename this blog Wow-man because its the only word I used when listening to her answers.  Before I get you all too excited I want to tell you that God works in mysterious ways and he puts people and things on your path for a reason. From what I can remember, I first met Sherelle at the first Danny Peak Fitness Bootcamp and for some reason I was drawn to her energy. I don't usually just follow people on insta, especially if they are from the same city as me because I just think maybe they think I'm weird but in this case I did just that. I even randomly would react to her stories, which again I'd never do. Oh and by the way her stories, if you don't know are hilarious!  I remember posting my Fearless blog and she hit me up with support. HOW NICE! That GENUINE Woman to Woman Support, you know I'm here for it. She then messaged me and I asked her to do a collab and as open and friendly as she was she agreed. She promised to tell h

Woman to Woman with...Diandra!!!

Wow 2020 begins with another interview for my Woman to Woman series. I hoped to have posted this blog weeks ago but time got me.  So myself and Diandra, as pictured above, have been friends for almost 9/10 years and we have laughed, cried and done both at each other. One thing we haven’t done is argue. Wait. I lied. We argued over the picture I’d use for this blog. Ok. She won this time but I let her lol. The level of respect and admiration we have for each other is just so refreshing especially in a friendship.  When I first thought about doing this series I instantly knew who I wanted to interview first and Diandra was one of them. She has a pure and loving heart which I hope comes through this interview. Anyway read and enjoy... So Didi Tell us about yourself... So here we are,  she giggles , I actually wrote everything down. So well Everyone calls me didi but my actual name is Diandra. Someone told me that I live in a Pink world trying to sort