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Woman to Woman with... Tita!!!

Bonjour amies sœurs

You may be wondering ‘why the french hun’, well its because my sis speaks french and its probably the only words I know from GCSE french and she hasn’t taught me much lol. 
Now I am soooooo freaking excited about this. My bestie has come through for an exclusive on my blog. Eeeek! You will love reading what she has to say because she is wise beyond her years. As a sister, I respect the way she politely checks me when I attempt to come to her with my unreasonable foolishness (I say this begrudgingly *CoversFace*).

Out of all of my interviewee recordings Tita's was the longest, she talkkkkkkks this will be a long read kids lol. 

Lets get into it...

So Tita tell us about you...

So im Tita, I'm 26 and from Burundi, Africa. I was raised in both Burundi and Belgium and currently live in Belgium. Yeah Belgium and Burundi Stand UP! lol. I was raised by a single mom, a very loving hard working single mom and I am her only child. I also have 9 brothers and sisters on my dads side which is a big contrast. 
I am very hard working and believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I am VERY funny (guys she put a lot of emphasis on this word by the way). If I could choose the best friend i'd choose me, if I could choose the best wife as the man i'd choose me, If I could choose a child as the parent i'd choose me. (she's not joking lol) Ask my friends, they will tell you ;). No Comment.
I have a very strong faith which gets stronger day by day.

What gives you true happiness?

I think true happiness comes from being in peace with myself and people around me. This comes mainly through my faith, this is what builds me up everyday. When I feel sad or lonely this is what pushes me to be grateful and being at peace knowing that there is someone out there that is looking out for me. God gives me the true happiness in life and through God you learn to be surrounded by happiness with the positive view that he gives me. It makes me happy to be able to help those around me, it makes me feel like  have a purpose. Waking up, whether in a good or bad situation, when I look at the good things around me I cant help to be grateful and happy because of that. Here we are guys this is the wiseness I was telling you about.

How do you deal with disappointment?

Well the way I used to deal with it 5 years ago and now is totally different and I think a lot of young people can relate. For example, when something used to happen to me as a teen, I used to think it was the end of the world and my life was finished, i'd react so dramatic about it. This is something i've stopped doing. First of all it's very selfish, there is so many more things, that are even worse than what I am dealing with around the world, that these things are silly to even break my spirit. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that anyone else problems are less important or anything like that but its just how you react to it. So before I react to something by feeling sad or depressed about a disappointment, whether its a person or project instead of letting it get to you, which will bring you nothing but hurt. Instead, be grateful and look at it from the other side. Learn from it, take the positives away from it and be grateful that you tried. Trust me you won't let it happen again or let it affect you negatively. Let it build the character that you are which you will look back at and be sort of proud that it happened. 
Keep the good, Keep the lesson and Keep Going!

So you have lived in three countries, which to me is wild, how was moving to the UK?

Its really not easy for me to get out of my comfort zone and this one was even harder because there was a language barrier. I could understand it but not perfectly and the accent was difficult and I couldn't really speak English back. Improving my English was one of the reasons I moved here and also to finish my University studies. (Guys I need to tell you that when she spent a lot of time in Birmingham she developed the accent lol.) This move was the scariest for me. It was the fact that I was moving to a new place, I had to make friends, although I did have my family which really helped me and a person I was dating at the time but it was scary, I wasn't truly alone because i had all of this support and if I was alone it would be a completely different experience lol 
It was in all an amazing experience for me. It was something I needed to do, it was like fresh air and I really loved it. I got to meet new people (she means me ;) ). I was able to grow and be more adventurous by going to new places and being alone and I even ended up going to the Cinema and Restaurants alone. I was someone who couldn't do anything alone and here I am. So really sometimes we just need a little push to discover that we can enjoy and do things that we are actually scared about and this was the most challenging part of the whole experience. I learnt a lot about myself in the time I spent in the UK and if I could do it again, I totally would. 

You are currently single, What have you learnt from your past relationships which have made you a better woman?

Yes, i'm currently single of 3 years, yes yes yes it's possible lol. I've had two serious relationships, one lasted 6 months and the other 2/2.5 years. Really I think the two relationships that felt like 10! HA!. They definitely made me the wise woman that I am today. The girl that I was didnt want to be alone and needed a man to love her, for her to feel loved and happy. I actually feel ashamed to admit this. No don't, theres a lot of us out there that have felt this exact feeling. Its all good learning boo! 
I was very young in my early 20s and I believe some girls are lucky enough to find love early and build a relationship that lasts for years and some others need to find themselves first before they can be in a relationship. Unfortunately, you will go into a relationship that will break you before you find this out. This was my experience. I was in two relationships that totally and entirely broke me. I am actually grateful for this now because i've learnt so much about relationships and about myself. Knowing God too was a wake up call that made me realise or ask myself 'Who are you, what do you deserve and what do you want?'. I needed to know myself, respect myself and know my value. PREACH! This gave me shivers. After answering these questions to myself, I just knew what I needed to be willing to accept in a relationship. 
I've learnt to be so happy single, I am VERY happy. 
Of course sometimes I want to share my happiness with someone and social media just doesn't help. You see "happy" couples but you just don't know whats going on outside that picture. Believe me I was that girl, showing everything lovely but inside my heart it was a different case. You just have to learn and accept the best out of it.  For me, being alone made me appreciate myself and what I want from my relationship. Some girls may say its unrealistic to have the 'list' but its just a foundation to what I want and what will be good for me in a relationship. I also know what I don't want! LOL RED FLAGS!!!
 Where I am right now is very content, however, I am ready for love. I am ready to give love as well as receiving it. It works both ways and thats what i've learnt.

What is the best advice you have been given that you live by?

Love God, Love yourself and Love others!
By loving God, you learn about who he is and what he wants from you. By that you get to learn about yourself, who are you, your values and the promises he has for you. When you start loving God and yourself, you learn to love others and be generous, open and to listen to them. If you can do that in every area of your life, you are able to accept and forgive a lot easier. You will be able to fight any battles that come your way and with this you can help others. This will bring you peace with yourself and God. 
This was the advice which was given by my mum, which I didn't really understand at first but now I apply it to everything. Life has taught me to understand this. I will always remember and use this advice...

Where will Tita be in 10 years?

Jokingly Tita says 'You tell me, because I dont know HA! WELL...
I'm actually starting a new page in my life. This is actually a scary question. Everyone wants to succeed in life and this doesn't just mean money, this groups everything from career, relationships and even as a woman. I would love to have a family, husband and kids with a good situation financially and career wise. I want to be in a position where i'm helping people. I pray that God gives me the direction to achieve this. I don't know how or when but I pray for it. Sometimes this can be a difficult question because we can see peoples lives and we compare ourselves and timelines and we put pressure and stickers to our success. But really the success of life is to accept where you are in life believing that if you work hard in life you will achieve it. 
If i am happy in 10 years time i will have WON in life already or even some little, cute, chubby babies lol. 

So for you Tita, you never really speak about yourself in this way, how do you feel now?

I feel good! It was fun! At first I thought how am I going to answer these questions but once I started I got into it. I liked it, I really did...

And Tita, it was so beautiful seeing you open up in this way. You have a heart of gold that I am glad to share with the world. You have taught me so much in our friendship and although you are out of sight you are not out of mind. I don't thank you enough for the friendship you provide to me so, Thank you for everything Chale! 

How beautiful was this guys, it was such a calming interview. 
Stay tuned for next week as we have another interview with my Spanish Bestie Diandra....

Woman to Woman....


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