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Me and Him...


To give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations.

Ok this is scary. Sharing with you a page out of my book. But hey. Lets get it done! 
How far are we as women really willing to go for our other half’s? With all the influence we have from friends and family i feel like this question is so important for me. 

Being as we are in the midst of our woman to woman blog i think its only right that i share a snipet of my story. 

Most of you may know I’ve been in a relationship with my absolute dream of a boyfriend/husband for 10 years this January. I know. Crazy right. How have we put up with each other for so long.
 God? For sure!
We met through mutual friends. Shout out to Cordehlia and Mainey two of my longest reigning friendships. We met back in school  and there was a few hick ups along the way as you can imagine, to get us even official. All I’m going to say is the McDonalds incident and they will know what I’m talking about. This moment to this day still makes me cringe lol. Thankfully this moment was probably the only or one of the few cringe moments I’ve experienced in this relationship. 

The first hurdle which I didn’t realise we had to cross was religion. He was born Muslim from his Nigerian background and myself deh yah Aha. Just kidding Christian from a Jamaican background. At first this really wasn’t an issue because first of all who knew there were black Muslims in life (no offence) but this was my lack in education of course. I really don’t remember telling my family and to be honest when they found out I don’t remember their reaction so it must not well it is not an issue. It probably could have been if my granddad aka my Dad would have been alive. At the end of the day he’s a gooden and thats all that matters. For this I was not willing to make a sacrifice as for me this is a minor condition which we can learn to deal with or move past which is what we have decided to do collectivey. 
Our second hurdle was the long distance relationship. No guys he didn’t get deported back to Nigeria Lol he went to Malta for 18 months to play football. Why lord why!!!! It was difficult because one he never really likes talking on the phone (bruh wtf) and second he just wasn’t here. Yes he came back and fourth and so did I but it was difficult. Him following his career was a huge sacrifice for us which I  had to let him make and to be honest it really did make us stronger as a couple. Although, career wise that sacrifice didn’t work out the best it opened many other doors for him and us as in me and his besties #NeoSuperwater #ComingSoon. When I look back I get that nervous feeling in my stomach, I dont even know why. Maybe its the doubt of other women. Yh I had that worry. I’m Human ok! I’m glad I believed in him and supporting him because now I see what he went through. The brother moved from Naija alone and then had to do it all again. I had to be his idea of settlement and security. I had to be the strong one. Even if the strong one was really him. I had to sacrifice my feelings to make sure he felt like he had something waiting for him and looking out for him.Let me tell u now. He is so stubborn but i’m worse! Remember I mentioned he didnt like talking on the phone. Yh. I ended a few phone calls because of it lol. He would win me over with the “I love you” text and i'd melt every time! This was part of me learning who he was. Thankfully this does not bother me anymore and now i’ve some how contracted a little but of this trait lol. After 10 years you can just see the fruits of your sacrifice some of which was being his support whilst he followed his dreams, starting his businesses. Much of which I kept quiet even to my closest. I made sure I handled everything to make sure he was good. I dont regret any of it. Not only did it make us stronger. It made me stronger. 
They say in a relationship two people cant drive. Ok calm down guys. Im all for women empowerment but youve got to be able to pick each other up when they are down. We have mastered this. But its true. There have been times where I’ll be like I cant do it anymore babe (usually work related) and he will be like “chess shut up man”. He would always encourage me and show me the great in me. How powerful. Like how powerful is it to have your boyfriend encouraging in this way. Honestly he builds me up. When everyone asks me why im always so happy. Maybe because I go to sleep next to and wake up next to him. My cheerleader in every sense of the word. Trust me hes had those days too and Honestly I dont know how to handle sadness. I just awkwardly laugh lol. Ill be like bruh your from Naija. This is the land of milk and honey you should be parte after parte every day. Lol. Joking. I show him how amazing he is. Trust me. Have one hour with him and you will see his passion in what he does. Praise God! He is honestly my rock and I would do anything for him. My one true love and best friend. 
For now and forever. 
Ummm... maybe I should get one of the girls to interview me for woman to woman...



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