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Thank you for making me FEARLESS Thank you for making me KIND Thank you for making me FORGIVING  Thank you for making me UNDERSTANDING  Thank you for making me LOVE Thank you for making me DREAM  Thank you for making me SELFISH  Thank you for making me REAL  Thank you for my FAMILY Thank you for my FRIENDSHIPS Thank you for letting me LIVE  Thank you for letting me BE Thank you for letting me JUMP Thank you to YOU  Lets all give thanks and speak big and great things into existence. This year has been one of the best years yet. 2020 has a lot to live up to.  Happy New Year guys!!!


Me and Him... Sacrifice / ˈsakrɪfʌɪs / Verb; To give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations. Ok this is scary. Sharing with you a page out of my book. But hey. Lets get it done!  How far are we as women really willing to go for our other half’s? With all the influence we have from friends and family i feel like this question is so important for me.  Being as we are in the midst of our woman to woman blog i think its only right that i share a snipet of my story.  Most of you may know I’ve been in a relationship with my absolute dream of a boyfriend/husband for 10 years this January. I know. Crazy right. How have we put up with each other for so long.  God? For sure! We met through mutual friends. Shout out to Cordehlia and Mainey two of my longest reigning friendships. We met back in school  and there was a few hick ups along the way as you can imagine, to get us even official. All I’m going to say is the McDonalds incident and they will

Woman to Woman with... Tita!!!

missltj_ Bonjour amies sœurs You may be wondering ‘why the french hun’, well its because my sis speaks french and its probably the only words I know from GCSE french and she hasn’t taught me much lol.  Now I am soooooo freaking excited about this. My bestie has come through for an exclusive on my blog. Eeeek! You will love reading what she has to say because she is wise beyond her years. As a sister, I respect the way she politely checks me when I attempt to come to her with my unreasonable foolishness (I say this begrudgingly *CoversFace*). Out of all of my interviewee recordings Tita's was the longest, she talkkkkkkks this will be a long read kids lol.  Lets get into it... So Tita tell us about you... So im Tita, I'm 26 and from Burundi, Africa. I was raised in both Burundi and Belgium and currently live in Belgium. Yeah Belgium and Burundi Stand UP! lol. I was raised by a single mom, a very loving hard working single mom and I am her only child. I also have

Woman to Woman with...Sharon!!!

Hey sister friends!! Welcome back to part 2 of woman to woman and can I just say a massive thank you to all that read part one and interacted with me on the interview. I’m slowly achieving my goal and creating that open sister friend culture that is so needed!  So on this “episode” I have my “Manager” Sharon, laugh all you want but she keeps me humble lol. Im so excited for this one! (Ok so ill probably say this about all of the blogs in this series lol). Ive known sharon for 5/6 years now we met at work and we clicked from day one. She was my in work go to for anything, she understands me. She reasons with me and gives me a different perspective everything from relationship, fashion and even this blog. So now its time for me to understand her a little better too. Lets get into it... Sharon, firstly I want to say thank you and I appreciate you. You have, hands down, been the biggest support of me and my blog life from the very begginning hence why ther