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The Purpose

Ok so I was laying in bed trying to drift off for my 7am shift and of course a topic pops into my mind. I just have to pick my phone up and start writing before I forget it all in the morning. 

I started this blog because I was over scrolling through my socials looking at things which really werent entertaining me. Call me a hypocrite because yes I still shamelessly do it but writing honestly takes me away from what can become a superficial world. I painfully admit that I love watching and reading peoples lives #RealityTV but I just think there isn’t enough exposure of people like me doing things that girls like me can relate to. I am genuinely a normal girl living in a corporate hospitality world and I just want to make my mommy proud. Cheesy much? Maybe a little. But its the truth. 

I really hope to make blogs that are relatable and not always about me, but also about others and their experiences because lets be honest, i’m a 28 year old girl/woman who has lived quite a sheltered life and I also have a lot left to learn. 

I read somewhere once that its important that you have a wide variety of friends. This might not be the actual quote but it meant having people in your friends circle that aren’t from where your from. Hospitality enabled this for me. Working within hotels you have colleagues who are from all over the world and I am fortunate to call some of them my best friends. 

Honestly, I have learnt so much from them and their different cultures and lucky for them they got to learn a lot about mine. Shout out to Eleni (shes the Greek me) one of my bestest best friends who can now tell a good weave from a bad weave and in trade of this I now can sing a long to Eleni Foureira Ti Koitas. Shes probably laughing whilst reading this. Anyway as I was saying you should keep expanding your mind with different people and stories because they will teach you a thing or two about life. 

I really hope you all come on board this journey with me which I vow to be open and honest about. I have a lot to say to you so be ready! 

Thank you all for reading along so far...

Lets take on the world...



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