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Is being selfish really as negative as the way it sounds?
Personally I don’t think so. Ok so I get it in some ways it can be percieved as one sided and thoughtless but on the other hand why is protecting and looking out for yourself such a bad thing. I can honestly say I am selfish in more ways than one. I mean i have to protect myself and my personal journey but never based on anyone elses short falls or their dreams. I truly believe the world and all its beauty has room for us all to achieve and be successful. So being selfish should not come at anyone elses expense. 
The place where I feel we witness the most selfishness in the negative sense of the word has got to be the work place. I mean half the time do you really consider your so called colleagues as friends. Lets put this into perspective. How honest are you with your coworkers especially the ones you are in a ‘clique’ with? Ok some of you said 100% and some of you may not be that confident in yourselves right? So why not? I mean everyone can achieve their goals and climb up the corporate ladder, all it takes is drive and hard work. So why is there hesitation? Come on. Now im speaking to us ladies. For some reason theres always been this unspoken competition between us all. But why? Who did this to us? These are questions that fog my mind everytime they pop up into my thought process on this topic. There is room for us all and do you know what will help us get there even quicker? Support. True support and well wishes. Dont be selfish with support and honest feedback. I would rather be hurt with the truth than comforted with a lie and girls I know you would too. Be selfish when it comes to someone being an unnecessary speed bump on your road to success. Be selfish with people that project their shortfalls on you and your dreams. Be selfish to the voice in the back of your mind that brings doubt and negativity in everytime you are faced with a challenge outside of your comfort zone. 

Ok so what about selfishness in relationships and dating. Personally i think the same applies. Girls we’ve got to protect ourselves from the notorious F**k boys (excuse my  french) that are lurking in the DM’s. No thank you. We don’t want to be the side chick, well most of us. Most of us want a forever love no matter how much we front and pretend that we are ‘strong independent women who don’t need no man to help anyone to love us’. Yes I put that in inverted commas mainly because its a statement that most of us make when we are in denial to what we actually want from life. Ok yes, this is a bold statement and a lot of us  may be in this place in our lives where we are that statement, but, lets be real we don’t stay in that phase of life very long and nor do we want to be there #RealityCheckMaybe?. 

We need to be selfish and have that unrealistic checklist of what we want like the boy that can sing, dance, is romantic, knows how to balance me and his friend and family, bilingual, rich, has culinary kills, honest, loyal, not a cheater. How funny this is a small example of my perfect checklist and guess what my hubby didn’t tick all of those boxes I can tell you that for free LOL. But we do need to be selfish in what we will accept in a relationship but also be open to compromise. I mean a forever love is forever not just for xmas or “cuffing” season as they say. Be selfish with your heart its one of your main organs and you cant live without it. Dramatic? I know. This is just how I think. Sorry. A heartbreak wont kill you it will make u stronger just remember your worth ladies. Your worth is like the red and white blood cells that repair broken wounds. 

But trust me on this one. Selfishness protects you and prepares you for what could prevent you from achieving your dreams. 
Its not all bad xx


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