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Woman to Woman with... Kasy!!!

@kasyh2019 Hi guys!  I am so excited for the next 5 blogs that I have for you all. So in the last blog I wrote, I left subtle hints as to what you should expect from this 5 part blog series. I truly believe that everyone has a path and a story which we could all learn something from. I have thee most amazing circle of people around me so I don’t have to look too far for inspiration. In this series I want to bring to you 5 very different girls who deeply inspire me on a daily basis and Let me tell you they are all the way OPEN and HONEST about their isssssh!  I decided that we need to be able to relate to each other! I feel like even in my community we tend to struggle alone and there is just no need. We can all help each other and we don’t need to suffer in silence. I know I’m no therapist but back in the day talking to your sister friends was all the therapy you needed. So Lets bring that back!  OK, first up was my beautiful cousin Kasy. I asked Kasy a few quest

The Purpose

Ok so I was laying in bed trying to drift off for my 7am shift and of course a topic pops into my mind. I just have to pick my phone up and start writing before I forget it all in the morning.  I started this blog because I was over scrolling through my socials looking at things which really werent entertaining me. Call me a hypocrite because yes I still shamelessly do it but writing honestly takes me away from what can become a superficial world. I painfully admit that I love watching and reading peoples lives #RealityTV but I just think there isn’t enough exposure of people like me doing things that girls like me can relate to. I am genuinely a normal girl living in a corporate hospitality world and I just want to make my mommy proud. Cheesy much? Maybe a little. But its the truth.  I really hope to make blogs that are relatable and not always about me, but also about others and their experiences because lets be honest, i’m a 28 year old girl/woman who has lived quite


The Mighty Women of Wakanda /ˈfɪəlɪs/ Adjective;  Showing a lack of fear. You may be wondering why I’ve chosen this picture so let me explain. These women scream fearless to me. They stood and faught for their King and didn’t really know the extent of the battle they were facing but did it anyway for the greater good. Kind of like me this week minus the physical aspect.  This is one word I truly battle with.  Growing up I was taught to fear nothing but God and then came a spider in the bath, sharks, swimming in deep water where I cant see my feet. These are my three of my biggest fears and public speaking being my fourth. So what did I have to face on Tuesday? PUBLIC SPEAKING!!!!  My public speaking fear stems from a summer club we used to attend as kids at my nan’s church. I was maybe 7/8 years old. We all had to stand and read a passage from what I think was the bible. I cant really remember. I just remember practicing loads and then when I g


Beyonce - Run the World Ok so I’m going to hit this one from two angles so stay with me! We are enough! Yes us women are enough! Enough for our jobs. Enough for our families. Enough for our partners! Speaking to some of my girls and the amount of pressure that is put on us is just ridiculous. Why do we have to be compared to each other as women. Why cant we just be valued and enough as we are. There is just so much pressure from our male counterparts. You know especially single ladies. Like to even stand a chance in the dating game we have to promote ourselves online and even in person. Wake up fellas some of these girls have no substance. We have personality and brains and most of us are wifey material but u miss the real ones. And why do you miss them? Because you are chasing those that have the followers on social media because you feel and in some cases believe that if you get her other men will think you are “winning”. News flash! You are losing babe. The real ones

Always Sisters, Always Friends

Dedicated to my Nan, Mum and Aunties  ‘ Always sisters, always friends Let's stay real close till the end Forgiving each other, letting love cover Always sisters, always friends ’  Cece Winans Growing up in a family which was heaviliy female dominated, I couldnt help but be in awe of the strength of a woman. Especially the matriach of the family, my Nan. How can a woman raise to 6 children plus look after a Husband and several hundred grandkids, (ok im exaggerating, there was 11 of us as grandchildren) just never really complain. Imagine being left with 10 unruly kids every damn day. Yes I was the only angel. Sorry I’ve just got a headache at the thought, and this is no joke for those that know me, Its like 11 me’s. How? Yh ill let you nervously giggle now. How can you perfectly juggle all that life throws at you without a single breakdown. Ok she forgot our names on most occaisons and literally call everyones names out until she gets to your name and then may


Is being selfish really as negative as the way it sounds? Personally I don’t think so. Ok so I get it in some ways it can be percieved as one sided and thoughtless but on the other hand why is protecting and looking out for yourself such a bad thing. I can honestly say I am selfish in more ways than one. I mean i have to protect myself and my personal journey but never based on anyone elses short falls or their dreams. I truly believe the world and all its beauty has room for us all to achieve and be successful. So being selfish should not come at anyone elses expense.  The place where I feel we witness the most selfishness in the negative sense of the word has got to be the work place. I mean half the time do you really consider your so called colleagues as friends. Lets put this into perspective. How honest are you with your coworkers especially the ones you are in a ‘clique’ with? Ok some of you said 100% and some of you may not be that confident in yoursel


Ahh so here goes... My first ever blog ... So this year I wanted to challenge myself and read a few books. Mainly autobiographies, written by Successful Black Women because hey, who else am I going to relate to. I read Gabrielle Union's We're going to need  more  wine,  Taraji P Henson's  Around the way girl, Tiffany Haddish's The Last Black Unicorn, Patricia Bright  Heart  and Hustle and finally Michelle Obama  Becoming (f ive books LOL its's quite an achievement for me) . All books i can honestly say I would read again. They all had their own struggles, trials and tribulations but guess their journeys taught them? Confidence. Honestly, those that know me may consider me as confident especially with my vibrant personality and I have my amazing Mother, Nan's, Aunties and Cousins, aka The Village, to thank for that. Each of those women showed me what hard work and determination can help you to achieve anything you set your mind to. Ive never bee